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Artist's Statement: 

 I have been drawing or sculpting all my life.  As a teenager, I spent many hours doing charcoal and pen and ink drawings of the boats tied-up in the boat basin near our house in Brooklyn.  I was also the child who built things in the sand at the beach or left bits of clay around the house as I tried to finish a sculpture, regardless of anything else I was supposed to be doing.  Although I still draw sometimes - it is sculpture that has stayed with me.

In 1975, I took a class in stone carving.  The instructor was a well-known, cantankerous Italian artist, Philip Pavia.  From the moment I picked up a hammer and chisel, I was hooked and I stayed exclusively with stone work until a few years ago.  Many of my stone pieces are figurative, but not realistic.  My desire is to capture the beauty and motion of the human form.  In-between doing figurative pieces, I try to do an abstract work, which always feels so liberating. 

I am interested in all types of sculpture, which led me, in 2004, to try my hand at working with metal.  In metal, I am able to explore line, space and form in a completely different way.  I work in found objects and scrap metal and love the way welding allows me, literally and figuratively, to go in many different directions.  Many of my metal pieces reflect the urban environment in which I grew up and lived most of my life.

Although I never obtained a degree in fine arts, I have studied art in New York City, Boston, Massachusetts, Vermont and South Florida. My studio is located in Boca Raton, Florida.  I have been, and am, a member of many art organizations, including being a Signature Member of the Boca Raton Museum of Art , The Artists Guild.  I have exhibited extensively in New York City, New England and South Florida.  My work is in many private collections.

I love being a sculptor.  Each piece I do presents me with a new and challenging experience.  I never get bored.


"My studio is located in Boca Raton, Florida."

"For more information on my work, including pricing and
ordering information, you can click here or email me at mlamel@comcast.net
or call me at 561-347-7610."

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