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Jim "ski" szoszorek AW2 (jimjanszo@aol.com)
Date:9/3/2012 11:12:17 AM
Subject:VP-8 73-75
 Had great time in VP-8. Not sure anyone is aware that Mick Chinchar our leading AWC (CWO4 ret.) passed away in October of 2009 in Jax. He and I were on crew 3. Also if anyone remembers Roger Bunn, he lives in Pa. Looking for old Crew 3 Shipmates.;

Ralph Papa (artistpapa@bellsouth.net)
Date:8/21/2012 6:54:50 PM
Subject:Regarding VP8 receiving 1st P3 aircraft in 1962
 To Robert F. Dorr Hello Bob, Thank you for the input. I took the liberty to enter your email into the Guestbook on our VP8alumni website. Glad to have your input as I wasn't aware that VP8 received the 1st P3. I mustered out of VP8 in Sept 1961 and missed out on the P3 era. It's a volunteer "job and a half" being our Alumni Assoc. webmaster and Historian. But meeting friends and shipmates and sharing old and new stories makes it all worth while. Sorry about the color choices on the guestbook. I added the Guestbook feature as a freebee and don't have control on the color selection. I gather you were in VP8 and was wondering if you'd like to join up. If so there's a sign up form and info on our website. We have a reunion in Ohio in the Spring of 2013. Would love to see you there. Thank you and Best Wishes to you too! Ralph Papa cc: Larry Smith, President Carolyn Magee: Editor Bill Stewart: Treasurer Don Rickel: Past Treasurer On Aug 20, 2012, at 1:48 PM, Robert F. Dorr wrote: Ralph, I think the VP-8 website and guestbook miss an important point, which is that VP-8 received its first Orion in August 1962 and that this month is the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the aircraft in service. (It was designated P3V-1 until October 1 of that year when it became the P-3A). It may be true as the site tells us that the squadron became operational in October but surely there should be mention somewhere of receiving the first aircraft in August. I find it difficult to read the guestbook because of the choice of colors. Best wishes, Bob Dorr Robert F. Dorr 3411 Valewood Drive Oakton VA 22124 robert.f.dorr@cox.net (703) 264-8950

douglas goude (ben) AO-2 (montgomeryben@aol.com)
Date:8/16/2012 10:05:39 AM
Subject:Crew member VP-8
 I joined the squadron in 1961,My tour lasted 5 years, transitioned from P2V's to P3's at Pax River,I was a member of crew 12 Bu NO 150503, Lcdr Alex Wasilewski, Admin officer, was our PPC,Lt Hap Peterson, PP2P,Joe Linam Adj 1 Flt Eng'r, then Charlie Hall Adj1 became our flt eng'r,Lt Ed Blaynat Taco. As I recall Lt Eberhart and crew went down on an aswex exercise off New York,Ao3 Doug Autry, crew member, was a good drinking buddy. I remember so many fond memories flying with my crew,chasing subs around the Atlantic,landing in and pulling liberty in foreign lands, flying out of Sangley Point, to Viet Nam in '65.I was so inspired with flying that I made a career of it flying commercial,With NWAL, 747's-400, 1972 to 2002, if some of you remember LT John Nevelle,also flew for NWAL, he now lives in Tucson, AZ,We chat on occaision, I live in Phx,AZ. I've never forgotten some of my old SHIPMATES, if any of you read this call me @ 602 402 3385, visit, play some golf, and, we can have a beer and talk over old times. I'm now retired,ride my Harley (carefully)and enjoy the heat and the beauty of AZ. Camping and fishing is great here, bring your appetite for Mexican food and your families,stay awhile and enjoy what AZ has to offer.

CW04 Les Auth USNR-Ret (ldauth@embarqmail.com)
Date:8/8/2012 10:03:47 AM
Subject:AFCM Paul H. Auth
 I was a dependent at Pax River from the summer of 62 to the summer of 64 while my father was the leading chief of VP8. He would have been either an ADC or ADCS at the time. I'm writing an article for the newsletter of the reserve squadron he was in before going back on active duty. I believe that dad was there before the P3 transition began but I would like some independent verification. If anyone was there and remembers him or if there are any old squadron records that might help I'd really appreciate hearing from you. Tanks, Les Auth

AW2 John "Tank" Weber (@wnascarfan@reagan.com)
Date:8/7/2012 4:07:45 PM
Subject:Just a shout-out to all VP-8 Tigers
 VP-8 was the first Naval commanad I served in. In fact, at that time my only military experience was in the Army for 6 and a half years. The Navy was all new to me. And I must say that I am glad that the Army wasn't taking any "prior service" folks back then becaused I would have missed out on the best military career path an enlisted sailor could have had, the VP Navy and it's community of folks that made you feel at home. I arrived in 1973 and left in 1977 and served on crews 7 & 12. My memories of both VP8 and my next squadron VP10 will never be forgotten. Lobster runs while on deployment and Pig Roasts while on deployment in Bermuda. And of course, who could ever forget Bermuda deployments with liberty nights at the local hotels. Anyway, thanks to all of the shipmates before during and after me for making my life as a VP Sailor such a memorable on.

enricropync (Elovacono@gmail.com)
Date:6/4/2012 1:06:39 PM
 I have been lurking around here for really sometime but i havent made a comment, just thought i would say hello!

Ralph Papa (artistpapa@bellsouth.net)
Date:5/28/2012 8:38:09 AM
Subject:Comment from Joe Rosenthal / former VP8 member 1957-60
 Re: VP-8 From: Ralph Papa To: Joe Rose Thanks for your comments Joe. You are absolutely correct about Cdr. Holtzrichter. Will make the change on my next update. I was with VP8 from 58 trough Sept 61 and served as 1st tech on crews 4, 11 and 12. We must have crossed paths at some time. Thanks again. Ralph Papa Sent from my iPhone / from Joe Rosenthal On May 27, 2012, at 9:03 AM, Joe Rose wrote: > > > ( I sent this last night without a subj. and I thought you might have deleted it without opening it.) > Hi My name is Joe Rosenthal. I was in VP-8 from Oct 57 until April or May of 60. I was a 3rd class metalsmith on crew 12. I went on crew as second radio. I taught myself morse code, in the code room above the metal shop in Norfolk. The Comm. Off. I think it was Ens Gould had me assigned to Crew 12. I was just reading the VP-8 website and saw what I think is a mistake. There is a song that says it was sung at a party to the outgoing Co CDR Nasworthy, and to the incoming Co CDR Holtzberger. I think his name was Holtzricher, or Holtzrichter. > > The website is great, I saw lots of familiar faces, and now have a long sought picture of our plane. 131538 LC-12. > > Thank you for your work on this great site > > Joe Rosenthal > >

Mario R. Lembo (lembo4364@optonline.net)
Date:3/7/2012 3:23:34 PM
Subject:VP 8 from 1970-72
 This is Mario LEMBO, AT2 lembo4364@optonline.net "...I served with VP-8 at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland a few months prior to its move to NAS Brunswick, Maine in 1970. I made two deployments to NAS Bermuda from November - February 1970 and 1971. Was a sideboy for President Nixon's departure. I worked in the squadron's aircraft maintenance dept. on the APS 80 radar. Commanders' Wilkinson and Hansen were the CO's. I can remember only a few other members including Chief Dave Hicks, Ron Wolf, Andy Muskus, Tom Feireband, Joe Firencz, Tom Novotny and Rick Barletta, Photographers Mate 2, from Syracuse who I keep in touch with . Rick & I visited NAS Brunswick in Aug 2007 for the Blue Angels airshow. I am active in the NJ American Legion. I'd be interested in hearing from you and any other members of the VP8 squadron. Best Regards..." Mario Lembo 187 South Ave. Hawthorne, NJ 201-819-9152 cell

Sandy Adams (santoadams@hotmail.com)
Date:3/4/2012 5:12:30 PM
 If you are not friends with VP-8 on facebook you should be and there is another subscription on facebook called Lockeed P2V Neptune. It would help if we had some east coast representation besides me.

Cruidaedusa (caseydaenport@gmail.com)
Date:1/20/2012 12:57:23 PM
Subject:hydro gardening
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Neil (neil@gmail.com)
Date:1/6/2012 1:10:35 PM
Subject:VP-8 gear
 Hey guys, check outthis website I ran across... http://www.squadronlogos.com/shop/1567/78/unit/patrol-squadron-eight/view

Ralph Papa (artistpapa@bellsouth.net)
Date:9/26/2011 7:50:02 AM
Subject:Note: VP8 Alumni Reunion / Oct 20 to 25th 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida
 Our reunion will be in Jacksonville, FL at the Crowne Plaza Riverfront Hotel from Oct. 20-25, 2011. If interested in attending call Ralph Papa at 561-740-2046.

Captain Robert W. Bennett, Jr. USN-Ret (@corodman@cox.net)
Date:9/25/2011 6:35:26 PM
Subject:Pls keep me in the loop. Of note I closed the Panama Canal for the Navy in Apr 1999.
 Pls see above. Thanx.

Ralph Papa (artistpapa@papagallery.com)
Date:7/14/2011 9:49:18 AM
Subject:Input from Steve Crawford (VP8 19
 Following input from Steve Crawford to Ralph Papa on 7-10-2011: I failed to include the dates that I stationed in VP8 in Quonset Pt., RI. It was from about Sept.1954 to June 1957. The vertical tail alpha code was (HB) I served as aircraft mechanic(AD3) and as a plane captain on the Skippers aircraft. At one time my Second Mech was a Chief Boatswain mate (Bonner) I guess it can be said that I was the first African American plane captain in VP8. We also visted Lisbon Portugal, Azores, Spain, Italy, Greece and Malta. The squadron and my aircraft also took photos of Russian trawlers that were disguised as fishing boats around Goosebay Iceland, Russia and the waters around Alaska. We also lost one aircraft in the drink at Quonset RI, no lives were lost. Hopefully this will update the history of VP8. I have many photos taken while in many of the countries, and they are available free. ---- ralphpapa@papagallery.com wrote: > New Feedback > > Hello Ralph Papa, > > You have received feedback from Mr/Ms crawfordmn. > > The following data has been submitted. > > First name : Sylvester (Steve) > Last name : crawfordmn > E-mail : crawfordtx@tx.rr.com > Comments : There is some missing history about Navy Squadron VP8. I served three years in VP8 in Quonset Pt., RI. VP7 was on the other side of the hanger. We had 12 aircrafts. When I arrived in the squadron we had P2V-2, and they were replaced with P2V-5F's, and later with P2V7. During my tenure in VP8 I was sent to Agentia for six months, and 6 months in Port Lyouty, Morocco. Led by Commador Thompson. >

Ralph Papa (artistpapa@papagallery.com)
Date:7/14/2011 9:41:57 AM
Subject:"Crazy Cats" P2 video of Missions in Vietnam / supplied by VP8Alumni member Don Rickel.
 Crazy Cat P2 From: Don To: RALPH PAPA Here is a bit of info on the outfit I volunteered to join in 1967 when I was stationed in San Diego with VP 31. I spent six months with them and realized how lucky I was to have joined the Navy!! The 1st Radio Research Company (Aviation) was an Army Security Agency airborne signals intelligence unit deployed to the Naval Air Station at Cam Ranh Bay in June 1967. We were flying a five converted P-2 Neptune aircraft. NAS Cam Ranh could provide the spare parts necessary to support operations. The ASA configuration was designated RP-2E and was the largest aircraft in the Army fleet at the time. Ground and air crews were trained at various NAS locations such as San Diego , with SIGINT specialists obtained from the primary ASA training facility at Ft Devens, MA. Originally promoted by Gen Westmoreland for electronic countermeasure (jamming) missions, the primary use was for HF and VHF COMINT collection. Missions were flown all over Vietnam , with particular emphasis over the Ho Chi Minh trail. Crazy Cat was stood down 1972. I attached a photo of one of the planes and the patch for the Crazy Cat outfit. There is also a You Tube video explaining some of the missions - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3l6s47Ym6U

Sylvester (Steve) Crawford (@crawfordtx@tx.rr.com)
Date:7/8/2011 3:39:15 PM
Subject:Missing history information about the squadron VP8.
 I served in the squadron from 1954 to 1957 in Quonset Pt., RI VP7 was also there. During my tenure in the squadron, I was deployed to Agentia, Newfoundland for 6 months and later to Port Lyuoty, Morocco for 6 months. I also see a different patch than what I wore when I was in the squadron.

AOC(ret) Richard P%3E Morrone VP-8 10/73 to 1/77 (@h2osunfun@bellsouth.net)
Date:4/9/2011 5:15:29 AM
 I don't know what happened when you left Maine but we use to have 12 P-3a's. Three were special project and 9 were the oldest planes in the fleet. I know you tnansitioned to P-3c But 4 planes is it now? I was a CNAL evaluator and were being hosted by you when the plane went down. We were parked right next to it and was onboard visiting friends before we took off. They were going to an airshow and we were going back to JAX. The P-3 at the gate at NAS JAX was in VP-8. I have the serial # in my log book. Good time and good friends. Bermuda was our 2nd home because they wanted to keep the SP planes close to Brunswick. Made 3 deployments to Bermuda and a spllit deployment to Rota/Lajes. Must be different to have a black shoe cmc, but as long as he is good it shouldn't matter.

Charlie Knight (@cktocook@healthcraft.com )
Date:2/5/2011 10:48:34 PM
Subject:RM3 CREW 12 1968-1970

LTJG Legidakes (dean.j.legidakes@navy.mil)
Date:1/14/2011 12:39:51 PM
Subject:2011 Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Heritage Reunion
  In recognition of the Centennial of Naval Aviation (CoNA), the 2011 Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Heritage Celebration will be held on-board NAS Jacksonville from 4-6 April, 2011 in conjunction with the annual MPRF Reunion. Heritage events run from Monday-Wednesday and include a Flight Suit Dinner with guest speaker Vice Admiral Myers, Commander Naval Air Forces. Other highlights include a Heritage Fly-in, Heritage Golf Tournament, PBY Monument rededication and more. As we are looking for maximum participation from every era of MPR aviation, the events are open to all current and past MPRF warriors. Information on the event, as well as, registration, is provided on the CoNA website (www.mprfcona.org). The website includes information on travel, lodging, base info and a detailed description of each event. There is a $20 registration fee, which includes an official patch and coin designed for the celebration. The event is fully supported by the MPRF and we intend to make it one of the most memorable events to date. We are reaching out to the reunion groups as our first and most important step in getting full participation for this event. In order to include every individual, any rank, that has ever worked in our community, we are asking for the reunion groups to reach out to their members, as well as post the information on their websites. We are aware the reunion groups are planning their 2011 gathering and hope our event will coincide with it. During the "heritage dinner," we will be introducing the inductees into the inaugural "Hall of Honor." The inaugural MPRF Hall of Honor will set a precedent of honoring the men and women who have helped shape the heritage of our community and/or displayed acts of heroism in and out of combat. Beginning in 2011, these individuals will be honored in conjunction with future Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Force Reunions. We are currently looking for nominations to the inaugural MPRF Hall of Honor. These nominations will be gathered via the MPRF Centennial of Naval Aviation (CoNA) Celebration website (www.mprfcona.org) and judged by a panel of MPRF Flag Officers. Once approved, the 2011 selectees will be presented at the MPRF Heritage Dinner during the CoNA Celebration. The requirements for submission are any members who have made significant contributions which have shaped Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Force heritage or displayed acts of heroism during the following eras: WWII, Korea, Vietnam, The Cold War, Post Cold War, and Global War on Terror. Any suggestions, ideas and assistance would be greatly appreciated, as we plan this first-of-its-kind event. Your help, in particular, in promoting the MPRF Centennial of Naval Aviation Celebration will be the foundation that makes this a historical event. We look forward to working with you. Very Respectfully, Rob Wilkerson LCDR USN MPRF CoNA Coordinator

Ralph Papa (artistpapa@papagallery.com)
Date:8/22/2010 9:51:48 PM
Subject:Input from David Piccolomini VP8 1955-58
 email from VP8 Alumni David Piccolomini / VP8 1955-58 Comments: Re: vp-8 ... From: RALPH PAPA ... View Contact To: David Piccolomini Hi David, Good to hear from you. Our time in VP8 must have overlapped for a short spell. I arrived in VP8 at Chincoteague in 1958 with my two buddies Tony Anzevino and Sandy Adams. You were nearing the end of your hitch at that time. When I first went on crew, Ron Nutt was my 1st Tech then. His hitch was over in 1959 soon after VP8 moved to Norfolk. Yes, definitely knew Lt. Gilchrist and am still in touch with him and also our pilot Bob Hogg. By the way Leon was at our VP8 Alumni reunion in 2004 at Pensacola. Right now I have to do a few errands, but hope to converse more on those good ole days. David, if you have any crew and aircraft photos you'd like me to upload to the VP8alumni.org website, just email them to me. It would be great to see you at our next reunion in Oct 2011 in Jacksonville. Best Regards, Ralph artistpapa@papagallery.com From: David Piccolomini To: artistpapa@papagallery.com Sent: Fri, August 20, 2010 10:28:06 AM Subject: vp-8 tried to contact you on your old e-mail...didn't seem to work...so I'll give your new one a shot. I was aircrew 1955-1958 in VP-8 on HD-12 (buno 177729) and LC-4 (buno 128401). quit flying during my last deployment to Argentia; became Barracks MAA; my rate was AO2. Remember Ensign Leon Gilchrist; he was the navigator on LC-4. Our PPC (LCDR McGinnis (great officer). We had a great aircrew except for our Plane Captain ADJ1 Kress (alias clark kent). Decided to get out and was separated at NAS Chincoteague. Later changed my mind and rating and reenlisted; ended retiring out of Newport as E-8 in March 1978. I don't remember the name Papa which I should because I had uncles, aunts, and cousins who lived in the North End of Boston. Hope this e-mail gets to you; would love to hear from you. davidpiccolomini@gmail.com E-mail: artistpapa@papagallery.com

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